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What factors influence my ranking?
Last Updated 4 years ago

  1. The number of faultless jobs performed. This means delivering a plagiarism-free paper on time and without any grammatical or punctuation errors
  2. How well you have been following order details provided by the customers
  3. Number of urgent jobs completed. These are the cases completed on a short notice and at our writer support team's request
  4. Customers' evaluations of the work done (after the work you have submitted has been approved)
  5. Missed phone calls from our Writer Support Team. This applies only when you have pending jobs (the ones you are still working on) or when the status is "Revision in progress"
  6. Average amount of grammatical mistakes you make
  7. Plagiarism rate (every work has a plagiarism rate, we just consider some rates normal and some rates - the ones above the bottom line - abnormal)
  8. Submission time (if you have missed the deadline)
  9. Withdrawing from the job without a valid reason

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